Weekly Recap: When Robo Pimp meets Strong Machine Special Edition!


Last  Sunday at Anime Matsuri, I've had the great pleasure to meet Strong Machine, the Father and Daughter duo who are famous for their amazing robotic dance performances, who were guest performers at Anime Matsuri. I met them right after the Child's Play Charity Auction, where the daughter, Mao Murakami aka Strong Machine 2, generously donated her red backpack that she wore during her performance on the Polysics video "Im My Me Mine".

At first I didn't notice it was them, as I had been so exhausted from the weekend's activities, but then Yuson Murakami aka Strong Machine 1, approached me and wanted to take my picture with the Desutoid helmet. Of course, I was overjoyed that they would want to take my picture and I wanted to show off my own Pimp Robo Maneuvers but the 3 bottles of coffee milk I had drank that morning started to get to me and made me all nervous. So instead I just went and asked for an autograph, I waited while a few other folks got their autographs on stuff like DSis and Programmes. I wanted them to sign something different, so I got them to sign the Desutoid Helmet.

While waiting for my turn, I showed Strong Machine 1 the Desutoid helmet. He was a bit surprised that the helmet was made of carboard and I tried my best to explain that it was a cosplay of my favorite video game site's mascot. Hit the Jump for a picture of the signature and video of Strong Machine signing the Desutoid helmet.

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Strong Machine 2 in action wearing the backpack that was auctioned at the Anime Matsuri Child's Play Charity Auction.

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