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While it's nebulous at the moment whether or not Toei is planning on doing anything new with the franchise, after this little announcement, there's certainly nothing wrong with considering the possibility of a new Sailor Moon TV series. If a relaunch is seriously being considered, there are certain things that Sailor Moon fans would like to see- and when I say "Sailor Moon fans", I mean, me, myself and I. It's not that I don't realize that other SM fans have differing opinions; I have simply appointed myself their queen, thus my opinion is more important.

Hit the jump to see my wishlist for the next generation of Sailor Moon, and we can just pretend that all the other Moonies agree with me (though they will if they know what's good for them.)

She has wings! Purty!

Needless to say, spoilers for the original Sailor Moon anime abound. Needful to say, there are also spoilers for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action series.

Age it up

Sailor Moon will never be an adult series, but more recent magical girl shows have proved that a magical girl series doesn't have to be vapid in order to remain kid-friendly. While a new series would undoubtedly turn a a whole new gaggle of little girls into Moonies (awwww), the fact is that a lot of the interest in a new Sailor Moon is on the part of people my age- people who are now grown-ups. The original show had taken on a more mature style and tone by the time of the fifth season, Sailor Moon Stars, and most SM fans would prefer to see a new series continue where Stars left off- not in terms of plot, but maturity.

Fewer canned animations

Asking for a complete lack of stock animation is probably asking too much- even the incredibly well-animated Card Captor Sakura used some of it- but a large amount of it is not excusable today the way it was in the early '90s. Many of the best moments in the original series happened when they threw the stock animation out the window- like Sailor Venus killing one of Beryl's minions with Crescent Beam at point-blank range.  I would like a whole show of moments like that, please.

Keep it closer to the manga

Asking for a show to be more like the manga is cliche at this point, but in this case? Seriously, keep it closer to the manga. The anime version of Tuxedo Mask was a barrel of cheesy fun, but Takeuchi's original character had much more to contribute both to the fight against evil and to the story in general. The only exception is the fight with Queen Beryl, which was actually less dramatic in the manga than it was in the anime because Takeuchi's editor wouldn't let her kill off the Senshi- one strange time in the history of manga-to-anime conversions where the animated version was actually closer to the authors' original vision. 

A soundtrack by Yoko Kanno

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

No loli-factor

The Senshi may have been moe before moe was in, but I don't want to see them as lolis; these gals have boobs, and they know how to use them. Well, at least Haruka and Michiru know how to use them, with everyone else it's questionable, but that's beside the point. The Sailor Senshi have hot bods and wear short skirts, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Go light on Chibi-Usa

Many fans would probably ask for a complete ban on the little pink-haired spore, but I don't want to go that far- she's an important part of the story, despite the fact that she can be very annoying. I just don't want her to usurp Usagi as the main character the way she did in SuperS. She could be likable- she's got Usagi's spirit and Mamoru's brains, after all. Just don't shove her in our face constantly, and she shouldn't be allowed to shout "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" Unless of course she can actually give a monster a heart attack that way, which would be pretty awesome.

Give Minako more of a role

Did you know that Sailor Venus is actually the leader of the Sailor Senshi, not Sailor Moon? Probably not, because the animators of the original series didn't seem to know that either. Sailor Moon can't technically be the leader; the Senshi are the last line of defense for the Moon Princess, and she *is* the Moon Princess. Since the original anime portrayed Sailor Moon as the leader, Minako as Sailor Venus kind of got sidelined as "that other blonde who isn't as powerful as Sailor Moon." To the credit of the original series, some episodes did delve into Minako's character and her schizoid personality (most experienced and independent Senshi vs. batshit insane teenaged girl who does not know the meaning of moderation), but a few episodes here and there just wasn't enough.

Keep Rei closer to the PGSM incarnation

Rei's character was changed for the original anime to make her more of a foil for Usagi, and it wasn't until PGSM that we saw Rei on screen as Takeuchi intended her: elegant, strong, and a bit too serious for her own good. Making Rei and Usagi bicker and compete may have been an easy way to create drama, but the fact is that the characters as they existed in the manga were both too mature for that, and they should be given their due. Let Usagi be Usagi and let Rei be Rei, and let them be friends without having to do the whole bickering tsundere- thing; if it wasn't quite played out then, it certainly is now.

More Chibi Chibi Moon

I don't care if it totally breaks the plot in every possible way, I WANT MORE CHIBI CHIBI MOON! Introduce her in the first episode if you have to, just get my favorite super-hero toddler in there ASAP- and give her the proper identity as an avatar of Sailor Cosmos, none of this "Galaxia's wayward starseed made flesh" crap. Oh and on that note...

Sailor Cosmos must appear.

Because the ultimate form of Sailor Moon really ought to appear on Sailor Moon, dontcha think?

Sailor Cosmos from the manga


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