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When Dale North first brought to my attention the YouTube user shitemita's food examination videos earlier this year, I was initially turned off by the actual food aspects of the video. See, I have eating issues. I really don't eat anything--I maybe consume a candy bar or a bowl of cereal every three days and that's about it. I know, it's horrible . My doctors want to lock me up. BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT.

My main focus with this post is to address something that not only I, but many of my anime/manga/Japanese culture in general comrades have been battling for eons upon eons. Yes, friends, I'm talking about the dreaded life-thief known as insomnia. After a few solid months of implementing this tactic for my own use to much success, I've chosen to share it with all of you in the hopes that you too may rediscover the wondrous creature known as slumber.

First off, you'll need to visit shitemita's YouTube page and subscribe the hell out of it. Next, set yourself up in a cozy position so that you're not fidgeting around or subject to any breed of distraction whilst the footage rolls. Then, scroll through shitemita's videos and find a good starting point. I usually begin with his classic Caramel Corn Christmas Edition--it's the crinkling and crackling of that damn bag that gets me every time. Lastly, and this is very important, you want to have a decent sound system established with your computer. If you lack in that department in terms of speakers, a decent pair of headphones works just as well. Although, a tip from experience is that you probably want to make sure you're sporting earbuds. If you end up crashing with a regular, bulkier headset your plan could end up backfiring.

I tend to highlight the sound aspect of this method because it is, in fact, shitemita's strong production values (for YouTube standards, anyway) that make his videos knock me out above anything else. As he examines the products and prepares them for consumption (whether it simply be opening a package or pouring in hot water for ramen), every minute detail in the soundscape is picked up and my senses go into overload.

The calming nature these videos emit is something I can only compare to instances during my childhood when my mom would chop vegetables in preparation for dinner. I would be sitting on the couch reading or something, and the strange melodious tunes that emulated from her knife in the kitchen as it sliced, diced and hit the cutting board did something for my body's power switch--it shut it the f*ck DOWN. I was out in a matter of a minute or so, even if I wasn't all that exhausted. I rarely ate dinner because I was always falling asleep beforehand.

I hope any of you having trouble in your relationship with sleep can take this method in as your own and pass it on to others. Hey, even if you don't have sleep issues, I'm sure you can find something to take away from these videos. You like Japanese food products, right? Cool. I thought you'd say yes.

I'll leave you with shitemita's most recent post. It's ramen. Enjoy, and godspeed into your dreams and/or nightmares. At least you're asleep.

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